Background & training

Jes has been working with therapeutic practices for almost a decade, having first discovered the healing power of yoga and meditation first-hand. As a qualified mental health nurse, and a graduate of Existential philosophy, Jes has spent many years studying the human mind and enquiring into how to live a happy life. Yet it was her experiences in the path of yoga that really began to cultivate a sense of peace and happiness.


With a firm understanding of how to use yoga and mindfulness to de-stress, and 'get out of one's head', Jes is able nurture a connection between mind and body, which is not only re-energising but promotes more positive feelings of well-being and an enhanced sense of purpose. 

From working in psychiatric units to later working in the therapeutic education setting, Jes has always found herself in roles working with vulnerable people, and is sincere and dedicated in her desires to serve others. The last three years have been a transition period to the wellness industry, working to help people live a more meaningful life, finding a deeper connection between mind, body and soul.  A recent six month period in India, split between Rishikesh and Mysore, enabled Jes to expand her insight and understanding of yoga and alternative healing

Alongside yoga, meditation and massage, Jesse is also highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about plant-based, cruelty-free diet and lifestyle choices. She has a food blog as well as an Instagram account showcasing her work, and invites you to check these out for more information of inspiration. Jesse also promotes the concept of an Ayurvedic kitchen, using food as medicine and for healing, consistently drawing on this approach to heal any ailments, with great success and with no need at all for Western medicine. 

As a Teach First Ambassador Jes is eager to develop a yoga and mindfulness program to be delivered across secondary schools, believing that cultivating these practices from a young age will equip students to better cope with the world, and promote optimum mental health.  This is an area currently under development and hoping to be rolled out soon. 


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