Practice stillness

The tool of meditation can be used to reprogram the brain, resulting in lower stress levels and a more controlled emotional response.  


Guided meditation techniques enhance a sense of presence and calm the fluctuations of the mind.


In her sessions, Jes enjoys leading others on a guided meditation journey, sometimes working with the chakras, sometimes with visualisation and third eye practices, and at other times with pranayama and breath-work.

Quiet the mind

Jes offers bespoke sessions combining meditation and pranayama, using various simple breathing techniques which focuses the mind and relaxes the body.  


Sessions are intended to offer exercises that can be practised alongside meditation, or integrated into your daily routine, helping you become a calmer, more resilient version of yourself. 


Jes also facilitates Yoga Nidra - a yogic sleep - a simple meditative journey that unifies the body and mind.  This guided meditation technique, practiced lying on mats under blankets, is significantly rejuvenating and incredibly restorative -  just as effective as having a four hour nap. 


Accessible to all

Jes has taught guided meditation in an array of settings, including working with children and teenagers in school settings; free, open-to-all, outdoor classes; and delivering sessions in the corporate sector.


Truly anyone can be shown how to achieve the meditative mind-set, and how to bring aspects of this practice into your daily life.

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